STILLS #1 (<2013)
This is a collection of my favourite styleframes and illustrations made < 2013.

First board for a VH1 project that ended up quite different. 2012.

Styleframe for a LG project at Santa Transmedia. 2012.

Lost pitch. 2013.

First visual exploration for my Ibravin project. 2013.

My first ever styleframe at Santa Transmedia, back in 2009, for an MTV show opener.

Personal thingy made back in 2010. It was supposed to be a meaningless short video for studying purposes. I obviously never finished it.

Initial styleframe for the 'Liga dos Fanáticos' job. Got some help from Rafael Z. Chies on this one. 2013.

Initial visual development for a project that didn't come out as nice as this board. 2013.
Exploration for a website intro I've made back in 2011. Eric Pautz did some cool further exploration over this one, you might check it over his website.

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