Co-Direction / Animation / Compositing
In 2017 I co-directed with Deni Dimovski a series of funny spots for Ikea on their lighting solutions, each one covering a bad lighting situation and its unfortunate outcome.

All animation was done by me and my partner in crime Ricardo Drehmer with the visuals provided by James Gilleard.

'Sleep tight' spot

'Kitchen nightmare' spot

'Romantic dinner' spot

'Baby bedroom' spot
Full credits:

Client: Ikea
Producer: Deni Dimovski
Direction: Deni Dimovski / Thiago Steka
Illustration: James Gilleard
Storyboarding: Thiago Steka / Ricardo Drehmer
Animation: Thiago Steka / Ricardo Drehmer
Grading: Martin Steinberg
Sound: Henrik José

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