MÓV3L (2015)
Creation / Direction / Animation
Móv3l was a variety tv show from MTV Brazil which mixed music, lifestyle and pop culture into a faux-reality-show format, with 3 hosts crossing São Paulo in a stylish motorhome. Back in 2015, MTV contacted me to produce the show packaging, including branding, as well as the visual customization of the motorhome itself. 

Show opening
Based on the references provided, we developed a visual language that is both urban and fun while trying to escape a bit from the usual graffiti look by using a more vector-oriented approach. The opening has a very simple and straight-forward story, depicting a ride through the show's main themes.

        Customised motorhome + package graphics
It's always a delight to work with MTV and this time it had a special 'something' as it was my first project as a one-man-production company. I was very fortunate to be able to gather a team of my favorite people ever, which made the whole process remarkably smooth and fun.
Full credits:

Client: MTV Brasil
Client CD: Vinícius Prado
Production Company: Steka
Director: Thiago Steka
Art Direction: Eric Pautz
Design: Eric Pautz, Mariana Ikuta
Animation: Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer
Sound: Thiago Gautério (

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