Creation / Illustration / Animation 
In 2014 I was invited by the awesome people at continuecurioso (keep curious) to produce a short Instagram video based on real life-changing stories people sent them that didn't make it into full-fledged episodes.

They gave me both visual and interpretative freedom and the only restrains were Instagram video limitations themselves and the fact that I had to do everything on my own. It was a blast to make something with a truly meaningful story and such creative liberties.

I chose cel animation to give the piece a handcrafted look – that seemed to fit like a glove for stories of self-motivated change – and also to put my skills to test, as it was my very first attempt at animating a character through traditional techniques.

You can check all the other shorts here, made by a bunch of talented artists:

Sadly continuecurioso is no longer active, but all their inspiring work can still be reached on their Youtube channel (english captions available):

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