Creation / Direction
This was my second-in-a-row project with MTV Brazil alongside an amazing team at Santa Transmedia and this time I was invited to bring my vision to a serious subject, as the national elections in Brazil were just a few weeks away.

The brief was very open when it came to message, language and design, so my choice was to explore the consequences of every vote in the most direct and impactful way possible. 

We quickly nailed down the main idea in a brainstorm with the whole design and animation crew: explore Brazil's electronic voting to create a Rube-Goldberg-meets-arcade machine in which the initial input – a reckless vote – triggers a chain reaction of events that ultimately affects the voter himself. I then wrote the whole thing down with some political insights from my friend Gustavo “Guffo” Fogaça.

30" Main Spot
I gave my partner in crime and brilliant Art Director Eric Pautz a lot of stylistic freedom for the visuals. 

They should, however, synthesise the overall dystopian feel we needed through dark tones and angles. He ended up killing it with a beautifully crafted 2.5D vector look and some image processing wizardry over it that brought uniqueness to the piece.

Boards by Eric Pautz
The animation crew, led by Ricardo Drehmer, brought the whole thing to life and successfully created the mood we were aiming for, reinforced by the daunting sounds provided by Thiago Gautério.

Both the process and the end result were very rewarding for me and the whole crew.

This video won a Bronze Award at Promax BDA Latin America 2015.

And remember: don't let the machine take you down ;)

Full credits:

Client: MTV Brasil

Client CD: Edson Fukuda / Vinícius Prado

Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Script: Thiago Steka & Santa Team

Director: Thiago Steka

Art Director: Eric Pautz
Assistant Director: Ricardo Drehmer

Design: Eric Pautz

Animation: Ricardo Drehmer, Leonel Zarpelon, Guilherme Krolow, Thiago Steka,  Alejandro Martinez

Sound: Thiago Gautério (

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